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Breast augmentation surgery can enhance the shape and size of breasts. Whether you want to restore the volume in your breasts or prefer to improve your body contour, a breast augmentation procedure can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. 

To learn more about how a breast augmentation at the Vegas Plastic Surgery Institute could give you the confidence boost you deserve, take a look at our procedure page.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Breast Augmentation?

Because all bodies are different, recovery times often vary. Many factors play a role in determining how long it can take to recover from breast augmentation surgery. 

Generally, while you will likely feel better in about a week, you can expect to take it easy and refrain from strenuous activity for four to six weeks. This allows your body to recover from surgery and your implants to begin settling in. 

Breast Augmentation Recovery Timeline

While every patient’s recovery is unique to them, the post-op breast augmentation recovery timeline commonly looks like the following:

  • Hours 0 to 24: Once you return home after surgery, you will likely feel fatigued, sore, and uncomfortable as you begin your recovery journey
  • Days 5 to 7: With every passing day, your soreness and discomfort should lessen, and you may begin to resume some activities while avoiding strenuous ones
  • Weeks 3 to 4: You should feel little to no tightness or soreness after a few weeks, and you will have the opportunity to continue engaging in regular activities
  • Weeks 4 to Six: At this point in your recovery, you should feel much better, and implants should begin to “drop,” giving them a more natural appearance

It is important to remember everyone’s recovery is different. Therefore, should you have any questions or concerns along the way, make sure to address them with your surgeon. 

How Long After Breast Augmentation Can I Drive?

After breast augmentation surgery, you can expect to take some days off from driving, as you will likely not feel comfortable enough to do so. You should refrain from driving while taking pain medication. Patients typically wait a few days to one week to resume driving. 

How Long Does It Take Breast Augmentation Scars to Heal? 

Usually, the location and size of your scar dictate how long it will take for the area to heal completely. In about two to three months, scars begin to heal and fade. Aftercare instructions can help guide you on proper incision care to help ensure proper healing. 

After about six months to a year, your scar should be completely healed and barely noticeable. 

How to Relax the Chest Muscles After Breast Augmentation

It is completely normal for chest muscles to feel tight after breast augmentation surgery. This is why it is important to wear a supportive bra throughout your recovery. A good post-operative bra can sufficiently support your new breasts, reduce swelling, and promote healing. 

Maintaining good posture can help not only with chest tightness, but also with back muscle pain and strain. Try sitting upright with proper back support and standing as straight as possible.

A few days into your recovery, you can start massaging your breasts. Proper breast massages can help relax your muscles and allow your implants to settle in. 

While heat is often recommended for tight muscles, avoid placing hot objects, like heating pads, on your healing breasts. You can, however, use heat on sore back muscles, which can help you feel better. 

How Long After Breast Augmentation Can You Touch Your Breasts?

Your breasts will be sore and tender after surgery. Therefore, you should avoid touching your breasts as much as possible for the first few weeks. You can touch them while bathing, taking off or putting on your bra, and massaging, but be gentle. 

You should refrain from having another individual, like your partner, touch your breasts for at least two to three weeks after surgery. This means refraining from sexual activity until your breasts begin to feel less sore.  

How Long After Breast Augmentation Can I Workout?

How long you can expect to refrain from exercise depends on your body and recovery. You should generally avoid strenuous activity for at least one to two weeks after surgery. 

You may begin to get back into a modified exercise routine about four weeks after surgery. It will likely take some time for you to feel fully comfortable and able to do certain exercises, like those involving your arms and chest muscles. 

How to Sleep After Breast Augmentation

After breast augmentation surgery, you will not feel comfortable enough to sleep normally for some time, especially if you’re a side or stomach sleeper. 

Right after surgery and in the days following, you will want to sleep on your back and as elevated as is comfortable for you. Sleeping in an elevated position helps minimize swelling and discomfort and keeps breasts in a more natural position during recovery. 

How Long Does Nipple Pain Last After Breast Augmentation?

There are many nerve endings in your nipples, making them extra sensitive after breast augmentation surgery. It is common to feel numbness and tingling for a few months after your procedure.

Pain relievers and breast massages can help alleviate nipple discomfort. 

When Does Tightness Go Away After Breast Augmentation?

Chest tightness is regularly experienced after breast augmentation, as the chest muscles and tissue accommodate the new implant. You may start feeling relief from tightness around week two, and at around four to six weeks, you will likely feel little to no tightness. 

Determining Whether Breast Augmentation Is Right for You

Breast augmentation surgery can enhance your already beautiful body contours. View our before and after gallery to better understand whether this procedure from the Vegas Plastic Surgery Institute can help you reach your desired results.