The Procedure Process Explained

Many people struggle with the appearance of scars caused by accidents, injuries, or surgery. At Vegas Plastic Surgery Institute, our experienced team understands how important it is to restore your self-confidence and improve your quality of life. We offer scar revision treatment – a safe, effective solution for addressing scars and restoring a smoother skin texture. Reclaim your beautiful skin and start feeling comfortable in your own body again with scar revision treatment in Las Vegas, NV. Let us help you on your journey to self-love and a newfound sense of confidence!

Scar revision can involve several different approaches, depending on the severity of your scarring. This treatment addresses minimal scarring and deeper scars with topical solutions, laser treatment, and surgical removal. The goal is to reduce the appearance of existing scars and blend them with the surrounding skin.

Our High Level of Care

At Vegas Plastic Surgery Institute, our team carefully considers your unique scarring and provides the best treatment to meet your needs.

Your scar revision begins with a consultation with Dr. Goldman or Dr. Brosious, who will evaluate your scarring and determine which type of scar revision treatment is ideal for your situation. Rest assured that you will receive the highest quality of care during your treatment.

You’re in Good Hands With VPSI

Vegas Plastic Surgery Institute is a full-scope plastic and reconstructive surgery practice, offering both head-to-toe reconstruction and cosmetic surgery. Our doctors and team abide by uncompromising standards to provide you with a high level of care and a positive experience in a judgment-free zone. Schedule a consultation at our Las Vegas office today at (702) 727-8500.