If you have suffered significant burns, we are here to offer comprehensive long-term care. At VPSI in Las Vegas, NV, our doctors have years of experience performing burn reconstruction procedures, restoring both form and function in the wake of serious injury.

Our High Level of Care

Burn reconstruction is among the most challenging aspects of plastic surgery, to the point that many surgeons do not offer it at all. Our doctors have been working in this field for years, making VPSI unique in providing comprehensive burn care.

During your first visit, one of our doctors will perform a complete physical examination and review your medical history. We will then develop a custom treatment plan to facilitate full aesthetic and functional restoration to address your specific needs.

Burn reconstruction is not a simple procedure, and typically patients who require burn reconstruction need ongoing treatment throughout their lifetime. Because of this, our burn reconstruction patients enjoy personal relationships with the doctors and feel confident in knowing that they have experienced surgeons advocating for their needs.

While burn reconstruction is not a quick or easy process, it can ultimately mean restoration from a severe accident. Our doctors have seen first-hand how detailed treatment can change lives for the better and are ready to take on any challenge.

You’re In Good Hands With VPSI

Vegas Plastic Surgery Institute is a full-scope plastic and reconstructive surgery practice, offering both head-to-toe reconstruction and cosmetic surgery. Our doctors and team abide by uncompromising standards to provide you with a high level of care and a positive experience in a judgment-free zone. Schedule a consultation at our Las Vegas office today at (702) 727-8500.