Lymphedema is a common condition that can be caused either by cancer or by cancer treatment. It causes the abnormal buildup of protein-rich fluids resulting from the failure of the lymphatic system. Specifically, many patients who undergo breast cancer treatment develop lymphedema, mainly when the cancer treatment involves the surgical removal of lymph nodes or radiation to the axilla or armpit. Patients with lymphedema may experience significant swelling in certain parts of their body and the feeling of skin tightening.

Our Las Vegas team can treat mild cases of lymphedema through simple lifestyle remedies, and in more severe cases, they will guide you through surgical intervention.

Our High Level of Care

At VPSI, our doctors have robust experience providing compassionate care for patients undergoing cancer treatment. We are pleased to offer lymphedema care and ongoing support post-surgery. Prior to your appointment, VPSI will provide a protocol to obtain in conjunction with your primary care physician. During your initial appointment, your doctor will perform a physical examination, review your medical history, and design a customized treatment plan for addressing your lymphedema symptoms.

Lymphedema care may begin with non-surgical interventions, including the use of compression garments or the placement of an arm pump. Additionally, your doctor will advise you on the best strategies for preventing infection, which may be as simple as applying good skincare.

If you have a more advanced case of lymphedema, we have experience performing such interventions. These treatments include lymph node transfer, lymphovenous bypass, and even liposuction, which can remove affected tissues.

The team at VPSI is committed to providing advocacy and effective clinical care for our patients struggling with the after-effects of cancer treatment, including lymphedema and its symptoms.

You’re In Good Hands With VPSI

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