At VPSI, we approach every reconstructive case with a cosmetic eye and every cosmetic case with the comprehensive skill and technique we use in the reconstructive realm. Our doctors perform high volumes of microsurgeries and take on many reconstructive cases that other surgeons would shy away from. We are pleased to provide full-scope reconstructive surgery options for our patients.

VegasPlasticSurgeryIcons Limb Reconstruction

Amputation Care & Limb Reconstruction 

VPSI is the highest volume microsurgical practice for limb salvage, particularly if you have experienced severe trauma or cancer. We work closely with multi-disciplinary teams to offer patients the best chance to regain full function. We perform bone as well as soft tissue reconstruction to save extremities or to optimize residual limbs in the setting of amputation.

VegasPlasticSurgeryIcons Advanced Wound Care

Advanced Wound Care 

Our doctors are experienced wound care providers with more than 12 years of experience operating a wound care clinic. Additionally, our doctors have worked in tertiary care centers for their entire careers and have experience handling complex wound care cases.

VegasPlasticSurgeryIcons Burn Reconstruction

Burn Reconstruction

Burn reconstruction is about restoring both form and function. Because it is one of the most challenging of all reconstructive surgeries, many plastic surgeons do not offer it. We provide customized burn reconstruction based on years of advanced clinical experience.

VegasPlasticSurgeryIcons Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction

Our surgeons provide complete restoration if you have lost breast tissue to cancer treatment or other medical complications. In conjunction with longitudinal cancer care, our doctors provide reconstruction using implants, autologous transfer, or a combination of both.

VegasPSIIcons Scar Revision

Scar Revision

Scar revision treatment can help improve the appearance of a scar, making it less noticeable and allowing it to blend in with the nearby skin. Our doctors will reconstruct the area around the area by adjusting its color and texture and removing any excess tissue.

VegasPSIIcons Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin cancer treatment helps reduce the risk of developing potentially deadly skin cancers, effectively removing affected cells and preventing the further spread of cancerous growth.